PR & Marketing Communications Recruiter George Matthews

PR & Marketing Communications Recruiter George Matthews

About George Matthews

My name is George KNUEPFEL. When I first started in this business in the early 80s, my first manager asked if I had a middle name. I told her my Confirmation name was Matthew and she asked if I wouldn’t mind using GEORGE MATTHEWS as a desk name. She explained if a client needed a recruiter and felt she would mispronouce my last name and sound foolish, she would just go on to the next name on the list. So, George Matthews was born! I have been a recruiter here in the San Francisco Financial District for over 30+ years.

Long before that, I used to work right on Market Street during my high school years at an old San Francisco institution, Schwabacher Frey. It was a stationery store catering to the businesses on Montgomery Street and the neighboring side streets. I moved back East and worked for the Medical Text Book Division of Little, Brown Publishing House, where I traveled to medical schools across the United States and Canada helping the Desk Editors find potential authors to write books they wanted on their Fall lists. I also reported back on how our textbooks were doing in the various schools.

I went to graduate school at both Boston University and the Writers Workshop at the University of Iowa where I graduated with an MFA in fiction. When I returned to San Francisco I worked with several staffing agencies and then became a co-owner of a personnel agency, Blue Moon Personnel, which focused on administrative support candidates. But my real interest has always been to work with writers and when I discovered the urgent need companies had for strong writers in Public Relations, it was a perfect match!

Working with the more senior level candidate, looking for that next opportunity, is the most rewarding part of my job. And of course, being able to present such talent to a client…. It doesn’t get better than that!